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In honor of Tsonga Heroes hardly written about

  • Hosi Hubyanyana Khosa– A powerful respected trader and statesman of the 17th Century.
  • Hosi Madzivi– Founder of the Hlengwe coastal dynasty. Madzivi was a powerful ruler and statesman in the south coast of Save. By 17th century his dynasty controlled the littoral.
  • Hosi Tembe– a powerful king who ruled from Delagoa Bay to Saint Lucia Bay. His power was not of military invasions, he controlled the coastal trading posts.
  • Gwambe of Valoyi– A trader of note; a man who taught people skills in mining and a super naturalist in power.
  • King Phangweni of Valoyi– Founder of a new Kingdom of Valoyi that settled in present day Kruger national park, and a warrior with supernatural powers.
  • King Xipenenyani wa Bingwani – A man who had enough of Ngoni savagery and assisted in the capturing of Nghunghunyani, and late declared war against the Portuguese settlers.
  • King Makupulani– He won all the battles against Vangoni, which was until Vangoni forged a friendship with an insider and they poisoned him
  • King N’wamatibyana– A man who resisted both settlers and Ngoni invasion of Tsonga land.
  • N’wamanungu Siweya– A Tsonga warrior. A military genius.
  • Daniel Marivati– The first Mutsonga to record music in the 1930s.
  • Eduardo Xivambo Mondlani– The first Mutsonga to receive a doctorate and the first Mutsonga to work at United Nations.
  • King Chameti Alfredo Hlungwani – A medicine man, and a fighter to the end, he defeated Vangoni and had his hiding place at Nkuwa wa Mavungu.
  • Xokwe Khosa– In the 1920s, he was a pioneer of modern farming in the Vembe valley.
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