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10 SA male celebs who look fun in bed

What kind of sex game do you think our male celebrities have? We know you’ve been perv’ing on some of them and even ready for a one night stand with them. So we took upon ourselves to share what’s in our dirty little minds.

  1. Brickz Mabrigado: Yhooo!

Bricks will give you that kasi kinda loving. He’ll lock you up in the backroom of his mother’s house and give you the time of your life and walk you to the taxi rank afterwards.

  1. Mduduzi Mabaso: Zulu Gangster

Have you seen Suffo? That Zulu and gangster-from-jail mixture looks like an explosion in bed. Compared to Pro, he’s the rough kinda thug. You’ll come out of a sex session feeling like you were in a fight. You’ll discover bruises on your body and joints you didn’t even know you had will be aching.

  1. Abdul Zondo: King Vein

Abdul from The Road is the strong silent type. He looks like a hardworking man. He’ll quietly pick you up, split your legs open and hump the s.ht out of you, and all you’ll see is the vein on his forehead.

  1. Jimmy Tau: Big Daddy!

I will call Jimmy Tau “Daddy” anytime! Who wouldn’t want that legendary d.ck? He looks like he’ll give you that responsible and respectable loving. He can get it and wife it. Sizakele girl, you dropped the ball.

  1. Kwesta: VR6

Mmmhh his voice! He looks like he has a nice groaning voice. You don’t want to be shagged by a “smumu”. He looks like he sound like VR6 while penetrating through your walls.

  1. Pro: ThugLove

Pro is hood but a gentle kinda thug. He’s gentle with his words. I bet he whisper’s gangster sh.t while he cruises inside your coochie.

  1. Siya Ngwekazi: Wall to Wall

Siya is eccentric and artistic. He looks like he has fun in bed, like he’ll scoop you over and turn you inside out and hump you in different dance moves.

  1. Reason: The Mindfcvker

We love Reason’s mind and he’s daring. His words alone would make you take off my panties. Oh, and he is Tsonga… a ku tleriwi!

  1. Lungsta: HeEatsP.SSY

Lungsta is charming; he has a nice smile, AND those LIPS! He looks like he can suck your p.ssy dry. He would bond with your vagina and have you catch feelings.

  1. Karabo Maseko: The Human Ride

Karabo looks like those guys who let you have your way with them; rocks up with a 3 hour erection; assume position and let you twerk on him, NO SAFE WORD. He won’t even try taking over, he will receive that BOX like a G.

Thirst is nothing to be ashamed of *wink*

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