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Mahlebezulu: How “Ku dyisa” (korobela) & binding spells work  

“Ku dyisa” (Korobela)

I personally call this the kiss of death because it never ends well.

“Ku dyisa” is known to be commonly practiced by women, but many don’t know that men and parents go the extra mile to have direct control over their spouse or children without interference from anybody and anything.

Binding a Man:

  • When a woman binds her partner, whether married or dating; it is in the hopes of having that particular person all to herself without distraction from any third party. Normally, married men with a lot of money fall victim to this trap and in most cases it’s their mistress who is behind this and as a result the marriage ends terribly. Once you are under a love potion, you are basically a string puppet who has no control over the show.

Some people bind their partner’s to prevent infidelity or to revive a failed relationship.

Binding a Woman:  

  • When a man binds his partner it is usually for money. He does it to milk the woman without any intent to love her; it’s just for the financial benefit. Women who like dating younger men are normally victim to this kind of a trap; these young men have the powers to make these women understand their need of money without asking any questions.

However, you find men who are tired of their partner’s roving eyes and administer the potion as a solution to their problems.

Binding a Child:

  • When parents bind their children, it is because of jealousy and fear. When they see a star within you and invest their monies to get you a proper education, with hopes that once you have a job you will provide for the family and change their lives for the better. But as we know things don’t always go as planned; a new woman in the picture changes the whole plan. For such parents, this is seen as elevating a total stranger, and this is where things get heated. The parents then take charge in interfering with their child because of the jealousy manifested in them. So they go as far as binding their child to them for their benefit. Normally, it is mothers who bind their sons who have a lot of money.

When you have been bound you become a puppet. When they ask you to jump you simply ask how high. Anything you do that person is always on your mind and once you think about that person time stands still, some end up leaving work early to the gaze in the eyes of their binder.

Other forms of binding

Binding for work:

  • This potion is not only limited to relationships but for work purposes too. Those who like to be seen and heard can use this potion to run the whole show at work. People can get fired using this spell, and bosses can also use the potion to be respected and feared in terms even if they are not around for a long time.

Binding for leadership:

  • This potion is also used by people who hold higher positions, they use it to have the powers to be feared by the masses and have a strong following that supports them even though they don’t want.

Binding herbs were normally used for the goodness of creating peace and harmony amongst people, especially in relationships such as dating, family and work spaces. These days binding herbs are used for non-good purposes.

In a relationship, both the man and woman had to agree that they both want to strengthen their relationship and these herbs were used on them both with their consent. In a family, it is used to create love between children and parents; they all know what is happening and these herbs are not administered to only one person within the family, but to all of the family members. In work spaces, these herbs were used to bind that person to their job and not get fired

When using binding herbs, you need to ask questions in order to get clarity on the repercussions of what you are inviting into your life. These herbs are special and once administered use according to the instruction.

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  1. Good day,
    I just want clarity on this binding, i have a n ex girlfriend, we were together for almost 5 years, alot hv happened, we ended up breaking up while we both loved each other and it was devastating for both of us,
    Few sangoma told me someone is trying to have her by using sangoma, will this binding work if i wanted her back while there is already some spiritual works on her from someone else?


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