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Best places to get frisky without getting caught!

There’s something exhilarating about having sex in a place where you could potentially get caught. And some of us have fantasized about getting it on under the stars with our partners or Idris Alba…

Well, we think you should totally make it a reality. But it’s important to be strategic about where you decide to go for it. This can also be a plus if your sex life is on the downside of life because changing locations removes you from things in your home that stress you.

In the Car

For a first timer, try having sex in a car that’s parked in the garage; it minimizes the risk of getting caught. But if you’re on the wild side of life, park your car on the side of a not so busy road, hop on the back seat and steam up the windows.

In your House or Hotel with the windows open

Hotel sex has to be the best because there’s no clean up. You can just check in and it’s all about sex. To make the sex more risqué indoors is by having curtains and windows open, there’s something sexy about not knowing who saw you or how long they watched.

The Balcony

The balcony is public enough and discreet enough to get raunchy. You or your partner can lay on the floor of the balcony where you’ll be assured no-one sees you. Or you can do it standing, which is more exhilarating because there’s a risk of being seen.

The bathroom of a public Bar or Restaurant

Nowadays, restrooms in restaurants and bars are unisex; they’ve made things so much easier for us horny ones. At a dinner party, you and your partner can slip away for a quickie or a little oral exercise.

At the Beach

The beach is naturally romantic, so you’ll probably easily get turned on while at the beach. It’s probably best to lay a towel before you get down, to prevent the sand from getting onto the wrong areas.

The Movie Theatre

The movie theatre is practically asking people to have sex in it. It’s dark, dimly lit and everyone is looking forward, focused on the film, and not what is happening around them. The most you can get from movie theatre sex is foreplay though. A little hand job and some fingering there, and if you if you feel the need to do more, rather step out and go to the bathroom… Unless the theatre is fairly empty.


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