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Mahlebezulu: Quick guide to consulting a Sangoma

I wear my beads with pride and hold my head up high as I know I have a special power manifested within me to see things that no one ordinary can see. To be a sangoma comes with great responsibility that none of you people can see and know off. We are mediators of both the living and the dead, we see both in the past and in the future. We have spirit ancestors or guides that are manifested within us and work through us to guide us through bone readings and administering of herbs, visions and dreams are all through them

What is a Sangoma?

  • A Sangoma is someone who has honesty embedded within them and can eliminate conflict within families, relationships and spiritually for an individual or members for a clearer living environment and progress.
  • A sangoma does not promote killings for harvesting of human body parts, THERE IS IN NO WAY THAT A HUMAN BEING’S BODY PART POSSESSES POWER; TO MY KNOWLEDGE, ONLY ANIMAL BODY PARTS PLAY A CRITICAL ROLE WITHIN THE SANGOMAHOOD. If you find yourself within a territory of a ‘sangoma’ stressing on helping you but needs a human body part – rest assured you are not dealing with a legit sangoma.
  • A sangoma normally operates from their home in their yards but have a special space in which they do all their spiritual things as such things are very delicate and need their own space.

Guide to consulting a Sangoma:

  • When preparing herbs it should be right in front of your eyes so you are able to see what’s being done even though you don’t know what’s being mixed, just as long as it’s before your eyes you are safe.
  • You are also allowed to ask questions of what’s being administered to you; you just do not accept things without knowing what’s what.
  • Consultations vary from sangoma to sangoma, some burn incest and have a private talk with their guides, some clap hands and sing to get a better connection and some play a small instrument and call upon their guides, and this is a method of how some sangoma’s connect for guidance.
  • You might be surprised by the method of divinity; some use an egg, some use a cup of water, some use one bone and the most common one is a bunch of bones, which lie in various positions revealing your struggles and their solutions.
  • There should not be anything sinister about a consultation, however some ndumba’s maybe be scary but there is nothing wrong about a reading.
  • Sangoma’s do not all work the same nor see the same. Methods of eliminating bad things in your life and attraction of the good differ.
  • Be careful of Sangomas that take their time in helping you while just after one thing, “money”. You will find yourself working for that particular sangoma because he/she sees that you have the monies and have no worries in paying.

There are good and bad sangomas, those who are willing to help and those who destroy. Note that not all sangomas are there to cast spells and mix herbs, they are there to help you progress where you have challenges that are not seen by the naked eye.


My goal in healing is to establish a balance between the patient and spirits that are causing the illness or problems one is encountering.| For more information please send me an email on mahlebezuluhealing@gmail.com | Call 073 438 8889 (9am-5pm Monday till Friday).
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