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Sexual Positions Black women find uncomfortable

“What are some sexual positions that women find uncomfortable?” As a black woman with the mind and excitement of a raunchy young white girl, this question completely baffles me. I’m DTF (down to fcvk), so for me, the stranger and more experimental the position, the better. I then realized that I may be of the minority, so this really isn’t about me. After doing some (personal) research, it turns out that what women find uncomfortable varies. My Caucasian counterparts were in fact like me, down for almost anything and everything. Amongst my black friends, this wasn’t quite the case.

In no particular order, I will give you a list of a few sexual positions that came “on top” as being amongst the most uncomfortable for black women.

Disclaimer: you may not find any of these positions uncomfortable as a black woman but again, this was a personal experiment.

  1. Doggy Style

Reason: literally feeling like a dog. Most spoken to, felt they didn’t like the fact that there was no intimacy due to lack of eye contact. They also didn’t like being on all fours, indeed like a dog. They found it demeaning as if “they were in a porn movie”. This was clearly the more “traditional” females.

  1. 69

Reason: it’s hard to concentrate on giving, whilst receiving. When receiving the most sensational pleasure, one can get distracted and caught up in enjoying the moment and this affects the experience of their partner as they are clearly getting the short end of the stick.

  1. Wheel barrow

Reason: requires too much effort. When engaging in the wheelbarrow, not only does it require an immense amount of body strength from your partner it also requires your balance to be completely on point. From having too much pressure all in the palms of your hands for a certain period of time, you also forget that you’re actually meant to be enjoying it as a result.

  1. The crab (ankles by your ears)

Reason: uncomfortable cervix action. With the “Crab”, you are being penetrated in the deepest way possible. Your cervix is definitely being ravaged and you can feel the dick tickling your tonsils.

  1. Standing up

Reason: lack of coordination on both parts, ultimately killing the mood. When both standing, unless your partner is the one carrying you; it’s a very awkward position to do. The lack of coordination and time taken to actually get coordinated will eventually either be a huge buzz kill or you’re quickly moving to the next position.

Please share with us sexual positions you find uncomfortable.

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