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Benny Mayengani – most impactful Tsonga artist of this generation

Benny Mayengani is the most impactful Tsonga artist of this generation. Vo tala are interested in knowing how we got to this questionable conclusion. It’s simple;

Impact: “The force exerted by a new idea, concept, technology, or ideology” – dictionary.reference.com

  • Benny Mayengani has a religious following; no Tsonga artist has had this kind of following in present day South Africa.
  • Benny Mayengani is the most played Tsonga artist of the last 5 years in South Africa. What’s a Tsonga party without Benny’s music?
  • Benny Mayengani has 3 classic albums that have changed the game (language, style, delivery & marketing) over the years; ku nga Tiba Ben, President Mayengani na December Revolution.
  • Benny Mayengani is the most talked about Tsonga artist of the last three years.
  • Benny Mayengani dominates search engines, he is the most searched Tsonga artist on the internet. Check.
  • Benny Mayengani has reach outside Vutsonga, revived Tsonga music consumption within the urban crowd.
  • Benny Mayengani is the leader of the new school. Benny is what Drake is to Hiphop at the current moment.
  • Benny Mayengani is entertaining and controversial; he has clashed with the likes of Dr. Thomas Chauke, Joe Shirimani, Penny Penny and Munghana Lonene. Benny brought Hiphop culture into Tsonga music and transformed Tsonga entertainment, making it trendier.


Phe mintirho ya vulavula!

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