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You, your mom and autocorrect

Keep it old school and call your mom to avoid awkward moments, and for her to type a message for 13 minutes for it to arrive as “K”.

  • Exhibit A

Mom sends pic… *Bloop!*

You: *Typing…* Nice pic

Autocorrect:  Nice pig

Mom: Enjoy your new home.

  • Exhibit B

Mom: I need a vacation, so tired…

You: Don’t worry, next year I’ll buy you a Castle J

Autocorrect: Don’t worry, next year I’ll buy you a casket J

Mom: This is why I removed you from my will…

  • Exhibit C

Mom: Sesi Dolly won the Powerball

You: Ok. I wish you were here, ka tika Joni (it’s tough in Jozi)

Autocorrect: Ok. I wish you were her, ka tika Joni!

Mom: Pfutsek!

  • Exhibit D

Mom: I’m thinking of leaving your dad.

You: Eeh, how? Why?

Autocorrect:  Eeh, hoe? Why?

Mom: Bye!

  • Exhibit E

Mom: Where are you?

You: I’m home, wasup?

Autocorrect: I’m horny, wasup?

Mom: Huh?

You: Ke autocorrect

Mom: Le tlonyela both of you!

Texting our parents can end badly. Call them to avoid any misunderstanding. Remember How the Hello challenge went… Don’t be homeless over some characters.

Image: Pixabay

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